Alleged DUI Crash in Van Nuys Just Before Christmas

Accidents don’t stop for holidays. Indeed, crashes often go up during the holidays because more people are on the road. Depending on the holiday, more people could be drinking as well. Whether or not the driver in today’s story was DUI or not, the situation is still tragic for the holiday season.

Today’s crash story happened in Van Nuys last Friday, just a few days before Christmas. A driver was moving down Victory Boulevard toward Van Nuys Boulevard. She ran a red light and crashed into two vehicles. The impact was strong enough that one of the drivers was trapped in their vehicle and she died at the scene. The driver who caused the crashes is now in critical condition. She is also suspected of DUI.

It is common for police to slap a suspicion of DUI charge on people after major accidents. The risk goes up when it is clear that one driver broke the rules of the road egregiously, as in this case. Running through a red light is something no driver should do. Yet there are many reasons why someone may run a red light that aren’t related to DUI. They could be tired (this crash happened at 3 A.M.), medically incapacitated, have a mechanical failure, or some other reason unrelated to intoxication. Unfortunately, the police will often jump to conclusions so they’ll have a reason to collect evidence.

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