Alleged DUI Crash Through Apartment Kills Boy

One of the major jobs of a DUI lawyer is to make sure the police are doing their job right. Breathalyzers and other methods for testing intoxication have weaknesses. If they are administered incorrectly, the evidence must be thrown out. DUI lawyers also must point out biases on the part of the prosecution about alleged DUI behavior.

Yet in some cases, it’s much harder to prove that DUI wasn’t a factor. Take this example from South Los Angeles. An alleged DUI driver crashed through an apartment and killed a five-year-old boy. The other family members in the apartment were also injured.

The accident happened just after midnight. Witnesses say that the driver was on South Central Avenue before swerving and striking the apartment building. She later told the police that someone had cut her off and that caused the accident. However, investigators said she was DUI and took her into custody. Police are also checking to see if a second vehicle was involved.

In cases like these where egregious actions make DUI clear, the role of the DUI lawyer is to help make the sentence as light as possible. The courts have many tools to both help and punish those who have been charged with DUI. Even if you feel there is no way to avoid a DUI charge, you still need a lawyer by your side to avoid the worst of these.

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