Actor Michael Madsen Sentenced For DUI

California has decided to take a particularly strong stance on driving under the influence. This stance is shown through the state’s response of suspending the driver’s license of someone who is simply accused of DUI. The state also has penalties that get worse for subsequent DUIs. A first DUI is typically a misdemeanor, but still can mean jail time and large fines and fees. Subsequent DUIs mean more jail time, higher fines, longer probation times and license suspensions, and a longer time spent in DUI school. These penalties apply for DUIs that are committed within 10 years of the previous conviction.

The Malibu Patch reports that actor Michael Madsen was sentenced for a DUI committed earlier this year.

In March, Madsen was found on March 24th behind the wheel of a crashed SUV. Madsen showed signs of intoxicated and was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies who discovered him crashed into a pole.

Madsen had previously been arrested on suspicion of DUI in Malibu in 2012.

In March, the actor entered a plea to the charge of driving with a .08% blood alcohol content within 10 years of another DUI offense. He pleaded no contest to the charges.

Madsen was sentenced to four days in county jail and five years of probation.

Madsen’s attorney argued that the actor’s accident was not alcohol related. Instead, he stated that Madsen was suffering from the effects of a prescribed medication. The lawyer stated, “It works better when taken at night before bed, and he took it earlier.”

Madsen’s acting credits include work done with director Quentin Tarantino, such as the films “Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill,” and the “Hateful Eight.”

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