A Husband’s Wife Was Killed In A DUI Accident After Their Date Night

In California, many people who drive while intoxicated are caught by police before they can be involved in an accident. Yet, DUI accidents tend to involve more serious injuries and fatalities than regular accidents. For this reason, California law enforcement and prosecutors take DUI accidents more seriously than typical DUI arrests. Beginning with the DUI charge, additional charges such as DUI causing serious injury or gross vehicular manslaughter can be brought against a driver. A driver involved in a fatal accident may even face murder charges. In addition to these charges, enhancements can be added to the DUI charges that will increase the penalties that a driver faces if convicted.

The Davis Enterprise reports that a man is facing murder charges in a Winters suspected DUI crash that killed his wife.

The crash occurred just before 9:30 P.M. on Railroad Avenue north of Neimann Street in the town of Winters. 

30-year-old Joshua Miller was driving home from a “date night” in a GMC Denali Yukon. For reasons not known, the SUV left the roadway and collided with a tree. Police who responded found an unresponsive female in the front seat and began rendering aid until medical personnel could arrive.

Despite their best efforts, 39-year-old Sarah Miller was pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Miller was also injured in the crash and was transported to Kaiser Hospital in Vacaville. A preliminary blood test revealed that his BAC was 0.14%, nearly twice the legal limit.

At the time of the crash, Miller was on probation for a previous DUI conviction. He is charged with murder and DUI causing injury or death.


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