Underage DUI

California DUI law is much stricter for drivers under the age of 21.

If you are under 21 years of age and you are arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles, you should be aware that you face a much stricter set of laws than “of age” drivers to. This is because the law does not allow you to have alcohol in the first place, and driving drunk is seen as more egregious by the courts.

If you meet the standards for a normal DUI—a BAC over 08% or you were driving while clearly impaired—you will face the same penalties as an adult. DUI is a criminal charge and can affect your ability to get into college or start a career.

But drivers under 21 face penalties even if your BAC was lower. If it was .05% or more—perfectly legal for adults—you will face a criminal charge that carries fines, mandatory DUI school, and license suspension if convicted. And if you have even .01% BAC, you could still face license suspension without a criminal charge. This is all part of California’s Zero Tolerance policy.

A single DUI can derail a life. It’s important to speak to an experienced DUI lawyer as quickly as possible. You may also want to see our in-depth guide to DUI under 21, or our guide for parents.

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