DUI School/Traffic School

DUI school is an educational program you will be ordered to take if convicted of any California DUI.

DUI traffic school is now part of all DUI sentences in the state of California. It is the penalty that most defendants know the least about, but it’s the one that will be most time consuming if you’re convicted.

The most basic form of DUI school consists of a classroom style education program about drugs, alcohol and drunk driving. It’s designed to help you choose to driver sober in the future. Many versions of DUI school also include group counseling sessions or one-on-one interviews with addiction treatment specialists. All DUI school programs are conducted in person, never over the internet.

The length of your DUI school program depends on the charge you are convicted of:

  • 12 classroom hours for wet reckless
  • 3 months for most first time DUI’s.
  • 9 months for first time DUI’s involving a very high blood alcohol level, and for repeat “wet reckless” offenses.
  • 18 months for most second time DUI’s.
  • 30 months most third time DUI’s, and second time DUI’s involving a high blood alcohol level.

You must pay for DUI school out of pocket. The cost can be between $250 and $3,000. You can find more information on DUI school and other treatment programs, including how to enroll, here: What is DUI Traffic School and how does it work in Los Angeles?

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