Sober Living Environment

A sober living environment is a live-in facility where all residents are recovering addicts and receive group support. If you are convicted of DUI, you may have to join a sober living environment.

In some DUI cases, the judge may require you to attend a form of alcohol treatment or drug addiction treatment. In most cases this just involves attending weekly meetings. But in some cases you could be required to—or choose to—move into a sober living environment instead.

A sober living environment is a residence where all residents are recovering addicts. Residents follow rules designed to help them maintain their new sober life, and receive support in the form of counseling and other services.

In a sober group home, you may expect:

  • A strict sobriety policy. Residents caught “using” (including drinking) can be kicked out.
  • A curfew, that you help set.
  • You must do chores or work to help the house.
  • You will likely attend weekly meetings or group counseling with other members.
  • You may receive individual counseling, job training or other services.

Moving to a sober living environment is a major life change. It’s also highly effective at helping addicts turn their life around. In some cases, by offering to move into a residence, you may also be able to avoid jail time and other serious penalties for your DUI. You can learn more about these residences here: What is a DUI “sober living environment” and how is it different from rehab? and find our guide to choosing a program here: How do you choose a treatment program if I’m ordered into one for a Los Angeles DUI?

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