School Admissions and DUI

Colleges and other schools are allowed to reject you if you have a DUI on your record, but not all will.

A DUI can have consequences that continue to affect your life for years. This is particularly true if you intend to apply to a college, university, nursing program, or technical school. A DUI is a criminal offense and all schools are allowed to ask about your criminal record as part of the admissions process. This means that even after you have served your time and completed your probation, your DUI could still hinder you.

If you are asked about your criminal history on a school application, and you have a DUI on your record, you should disclose it. DUIs are a matter of public record and the school can find out even if you don’t tell them. Often, they will check your record even if you said you have no criminal history.  Being caught lying will almost always mean you do not get admitted.

If you do tell them you’ve had a DUI, they may still admit you—but not always. Schools have a right to turn you away because of a past criminal offense. They may be lenient if you explain the circumstances of your DUI and how you’ve changed, especially if the DUI happened several years ago. Highly competitive programs, like nursing school or law school, are more likely to turn you away.

See our complete guides about how a DUI affects admissions and financial aid, or learn how to get your DUI expunged so it won’t appear on your record.

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