Probation Violation

Violations of probation for DUI can result in going to jail, paying additional costs, or facing alcohol treatment or other requirements

Probation is meant to be a system that encourages offenders to live a law-abiding life and keep them out of jail. In practice, however, California’s probation requirements have gotten so burdensome that it’s hard for even the most honest individual to follow them. This is especially true with DUI probation, which can carry years of mandatory classes, treatment programs, and out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, DUI probation violations are common. In fact, across California roughly 40% of people on probation face penalties for probation violation.

There are several ways you can be guilty of a DUI probation violation:

  • Driving on a suspended license or committing a second DUI.
  • Breaking any of the special rules of DUI probation, such as refusing to take a PAS test.
  • Failing to complete any of the requirements of your probation such as finishing DUI school, attending alcohol treatment, etc.

This last one is among the most common. Most of the requirements of DUI probation are not free. You pay to go to DUI school, you pay to install an interlock device, and you have to pay to get your license back when your suspension is up. Many people are simply “tapped out” and can’t keep paying. As a result they drive illegally or don’t complete a requirement, and they’re guilty of a probation violation.

If you’ve violated your DUI probation for any reason, it is possible to get the judge to show clemency. The best way to do this is with a good DUI lawyer representing you. Your lawyer can show the judge evidence of the difficult position you were in and why you broke your probation. They can also suggest alternative to more jail time, such as alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

You can read more about the penalties of a probation violation here: What are the consequences of a DUI probation violation?

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