PAS Test for DUI

The PAS is a roadside breath test that helps officers decide whether to arrest you for DUI.

If an officer pulls you over and suspects that you may be driving under the influence, they have several tools that they can use to determine whether to arrest you. One of the most imposing of these is the PAS test. PAS stands for “preliminary roadside screening” test. It’s a form of breath test using a Breathalyzer or similar device. In California, most officers carry these devices in their squad cars.

Taking the test is simple. You will be asked to blow into a straw-like tube into a small, handheld testing device. You will need to blow a lot of air—generally for about five straight seconds, with considerable force. This is designed to get air from deep in your lungs so that the test is more accurate.

The test detects tiny particles of alcohol on your breath and calculates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If your BAC is .08% or higher, you will likely be arrested for DUI. You could also be arrested if it is less than .08%.

Can You Refuse the PAS Test?

The most confusing part of the PAS test is that in some circumstances you can refuse to take it, and in others you cannot. If you are under 21 or on probation for DUI, you cannot refuse the PAS test, and refusing it can be used against you in court. Other drivers can refuse the test if they choose, and it cannot be used against them. But you could be arrested anyway.

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