Dismissal of a DUI Case

When a case is dismissed it means the judge does not believe there is enough evidence, and you can go free.

Normally if you go to court for DUI in Los Angeles, the outcome of your case is decided by a jury. But that’s not the only way a case can end. In some cases the judge may choose to dismiss the charges. This is an automatic win for you, the defendant, and it means you walk away with no conviction on your record.

It’s not common for a judge to dismiss a case. Judges choose this option mainly when they become convinced that:

  • There is no serious evidence against you, or
  • The original arrest was illegal or the main evidence against you was gathered illegally

If your case is dismissed, in most ways it is similar to being found not guilty. You face no criminal penalties. It is not quite the same, however—you have not proven that you’re innocent, and the arrest remains on your record. Most importantly, it’s possible for the DMV to still suspend your license (read more about this here: Can I get my license back?).

But a dismissal is still far better than a conviction or even most plea deals. And it means you don’t have to go to trial. In most cases, this is a great result for a DUI.

If you have grounds for a dismissal, your lawyer can file a motion with the judge asking him or her to dismiss your case.

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