Why do they Announce Checkpoints and Patrols?

One of the things that surprises people who move to California is why the newspapers announce where the DUI checkpoints will be placed. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of catching drunk drivers? An officer in a recent article from LAist.com talked about the reasoning.

The people who are likely to commit DUI aren’t the ones who will be scouring the papers for DUI checkpoints in advance. Also, not every checkpoint is announced, nor are saturation patrols explained in detail. Saturation patrols are when the police go out in increased numbers to catch drunk drivers.

The general public, most of whom do not drink and drive, like to know when and where the checkpoints are so they can be avoided. Most of them happen late at night anyway when most people are off the roads and drunk drivers are likely to be out.

The overarching goal for the patrols and checkpoints is to prevent a DUI accident from happening. Los Angeles has a goal called Vision Zero that aims to prevent all traffic-related collision deaths by 2025. These patrols are part of that plan.

Considering that there were only a little over 7,000 DUI-related collisions over the past three years in a city filled with millions, they seem to be well on their way. Yet even one DUI accident is too many.

However, police officers must also be accountable for their DUI procedures. A DUI conviction can cost some over $10,000 or more in fines and hidden costs. Therefore, if you are charged with DUI it is worth it to have a DUI lawyer on your side to help you. Call our law offices as soon as possible after a DUI conviction. We can help you.


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