War Vet Killed by Suspected DUI Driver


Deciding to drink or consume drugs and drive can lead to tragic consequences. Of course, the person accused of DUI faces the consequences of their decision. Those who are injured or lose their life as a result of a DUI driver’s actions never choose their circumstances.

A veteran of two tours of Vietnam was killed earlier this month by a person suspected of DUI.

Greg Gillaspy was well known in Yorba Linda. He was involved with city politics and was an advocate for veterans. He tragically lost his life when hit by a suspected drunk driver while on a walk near his home.

One of his many accomplishments in the city was to have “In God We Trust” placed inside city council chambers.

Gillaspy also encouraged the citizens of Yorba Linda to wear red shirts on Friday to honor veterans and the military. This has been an on-again-off-again tradition since 1946. It was originally done to welcome veterans of World War II home.

Betty Gillaspy, his wife of 58 years, described Gillaspy as a “renaissance man.”

At the time of his death, Gillaspy was president of the Santa Ana chapter of Vietnam Veterans.

His wife said that Gillaspy was a deeply religious man. Had he survived the accident, he would have wanted to help the man who struck him. He would have been the first to go to the man and see what he could do to help him.

No details on the driver were released.

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