Vince Vaughan Caught Driving While Intoxicated

We all know that some people are not happy drunks. For some, alcohol causes them to become aggressive and combative, even towards those they should not act in that manner towards. When arrested for DUI, the best advice is to be polite with officers, even when declining a breathalyzer or a request to search the vehicle. A simple DUI can be enhanced, or have charges added, if a person becomes combatant. An officer may charge that person with resisting arrest or obstruction. Any passengers who are intoxicated who also resist may also face charges of resisting arrest and public intoxication. This can make a case more difficult.

Fox 2 Now reports on actor Vince Vaughan being arrested for DUI along with an unnamed passenger.

The actor, famous for such movies as Wedding Crashers and Dodgeball was arrested on Sunday in Hermosa Beach just outside Los Angeles.

Vaughan was stopped just after 1 a.m. at a DUI checkpoint that had been set up in the area. Vaughan was arrested under suspicion of DUI and was also charged with resisting arrest or obstruction.

Traveling with Vaughan at the time of the incident was a male passenger who was not identified. He was charged with public intoxication as well as resisting arrest.

While details concerning Vaughan’s bail were not available, both men were taken to the Manhattan Beach jail and subsequently released.

Representatives for the actor did not reply to request for comment.


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