Verdict Reached in Fatal DUI Trial

Stay in Jail after DUI

When DUI leads to an accident, the charges can become even worse for the driver. This occurs when people suffer injuries or death as a result of the accident. Such an accident can lead to charges of murder or manslaughter.

Jessicah Louise Cowan had a blood-alcohol level that was three times the legal limit when she was involved in an accident. She was driving at twice the speed limit when she ran a red light and hit a family that had been crossing the street.

The incident occurred in 2012 and Cowan was just convicted of second-degree murder.

In the accident, 6-year-old Osmara Meza lost her life. Her 6-year-old sister, Gresia Meza and her mother, Eloisa Meza were both seriously injured. They have since recovered.

Cowan was additionally convicted of DUI counts that involved each injured victim.

Prior to the collision, Cowan had been on an airplane flight where she ordered two drinks. After picking up her car from the airport, she stopped by two liquor stores. At one, she purchased two small bottles of vodka. At the second, she spent a nearly identical amount of money, but there are no records of what she purchased.

Cowan had no criminal record prior to this arrest.

After the collision, she reportedly continued driving until she was pinned by another motorist who had pursued her following the accident.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 10th. Cowan faces a possible sentence of life in prison.

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