Using a Toy to Calm Drunk Uber Passengers?

Bopit toy

The popularity of ride share apps like Uber and Lyft has helped to curtail some instances of drunken driving. People go out, get their drink on, and then use the app to summon a sober ride to their next destination. However, drunks can be aggressive and belligerent. Uber may have a solution.

In the wake of several attacks on Uber drivers by their drunken passengers, some Uber drivers are presenting a unique solution. And it involves a classic 80s toy.

Remember the Bop It? That insane toy that gave you instructions you had to follow by tapping, twisting, and bopping certain parts of it? Uber drivers are placing them in their back seats hoping that they will distract their drunken passengers and prevent them from becoming belligerent or aggressive.

However, some do question the practice. Placing something that requires intense concentration to distract a person who is under the influence may not have the expected results. Some suggest other games, like Simon. Or perhaps some munchies to go with all that alcohol sloshing around in their stomachs. That might not be great for their upholstery and may require clean up.

Whatever Uber drivers are doing to attempt to distract their drunken passengers from becoming aggressive, violent, or belligerent, one thing is for sure. We’re thankful that they are being driven instead of driving themselves.

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