Unborn Child Dies in Alleged DUI Crash

A tragic story in the LA Times shows what can happen when someone gets in trouble multiple times over DUI. Unfortunately, it may have taken the death of an unborn baby to finally get this man to open his eyes.

Despite being convicted of DUI for the past three consecutive years, the man was allegedly drunk driving again in late May. He was heading south on Fulton Avenue in Van Nuys when he crossed the centerline and crashed head-on into another vehicle. That vehicle was driven by a eight-month-pregnant mother.

The mother suffered great injury and gave birth from the trauma. Despite the efforts of doctors, the baby couldn’t be saved. The man responsible for the crash had only minor injuries and was treated at the scene. Later, after the child died, he was arrested for murder.

In the story, you can see the progression of DUI punishments for repeat offenses. At first it may just be light probation and some community service and classes. By the time the third offense rolled around, he had to stay six months in jail and his probation was extended another five years. All of his previous DUI accidents were misdemeanors.

This time, if convicted, he’s facing at least 25 years in prison. If not life.

If this is your first time charged with DUI, the chances of getting a lighter sentence are good with a skilled DUI attorney on your side. But as the numbers mount, it gets much harder to defend. That makes having an attorney all the more important. Contact our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys today for a free consultation. The sooner we start, the better your chances.

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