Uber Drivers get Fired after DUIs

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Apps like Uber and Lyft are proving popular for those who need rides somewhere. Drivers for these apps make money by picking up and dropping off passengers much like a taxi driver would. Both platforms have strict rules regarding DUI charges that usually end in the barring of a driver charged with DUI from using the app.

Earlier this month, an Uber driver accused of driving drunk and then resisting arrest was dismissed from the company.

41-year-old Shariff Herndon was “deactivated,” which is Uber-speak for being fired. This came after a late-night accident in downtown San Diego ended with Herndon’s arrest.

Herndon had been driving his Nissan westbound on F Street when he ran a red light and crashed into an empty bus near the 600 block. The accident occurred at about 11:45 pm on March 2nd.

The first authorities on the scene believed that Herndon might be inebriated and a struggle ensued. There was an altercation between Herndon and the police and he was eventually taken into custody.

Uber officials said that Herndon was not active on the Uber app at the time of the accident. They went on to state that he had not picked up any fares since February 28th.

Herndon’s license has been suspended twice. Once in 2013 for about five months for failure to appear in court. His license was suspended again for 3 weeks last year for the same reason according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Uber released a statement regarding the incident: “We have a zero tolerance policy for using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving on the Uber platform. This individual was not logged in to the Uber app at the time this incident occurred or on his way to pick up a rider. We are clearly disappointed that this occurred and have permanently removed this driver-partner’s access to the Uber platform.”

Herndon was being held on $5,000 bail.

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