Toddler Killed in Rear-end Accident on 41

The death of a child is tragic no matter the circumstances. When the death was entirely preventable, such as in the case of a child killed by a drunk driver, it can be even more so. Making the choice to drink and drive could mean facing more than just a simple DUI charge – you could end up facing several serious charges, including felonies, if people are injured or killed because of that choice. If you choose to drink, always get a designated driver or call for a taxi.

ABC 30 reports on a DUI accident that claimed the life of a toddler. It was a rear-end accident that was so violent everyone in the car was injured. But the toddler in the vehicle, who had been secured in a child car seat, was killed.

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol said that just after 1 a.m. on Sunday, January 21st, Rodney Klamerus, 50, slammed into the rear of a Nissan which had just turned onto Highway 41.

CHP believe that Klamerus was impaired while driving and that might have caused him not to slow down.

In the accident, three adult passengers in the Nissan were injured. One-year-old Liliana Valencia died of her injuries.

Klamerus was seriously injured in the accident and was airlifted to the hospital. Police were unable to interview him immediately. His condition was listed as critical.

If Klamerus survives his injuries, he is facing several felony charges related to the accident. We hope that the case is thoroughly investigated so that the family can get closure after this tragic incident.

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