Three Pedestrians As Car Pulls Out Of Driveway

Just hours after the L.A. Pride Parade finished in West Hollywood, three pedestrians were injured in a car accident where the event took place. ABC 7 reports that the incident happened at the 600 block of La Peer Drive.

A vehicle pulled out of a driveway and hit the three pedestrians. They were all taken to the hospital. Initial reports are unclear as to the severity of their injuries. The report says that the driver is being investigated for a possible DUI.

The DUI investigation may be prudent, but it can also be very harmful to someone’s reputation. You need to make sure that any DUI suspicion against you is fought with the full range of your rights.

The first step is to hire a competent DUI lawyer after your arrest. With enough lead time, a DUI lawyer can potentially get the prosecution to drop your case or reduce the charges. They can also negotiate with the DMV to prevent a license suspension. Most people don’t realize how damaging to their lives that a suspended license can be. Just picture trying to get around L.A. without a car from your house.

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact our Los Angeles DUI Team today for a free consultation. We are ready to help you defend your life.

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