Three Killed In San Bernardino DUI Wreck

Channel 4 NBC Los Angeles News reported recently that a fiery car wreck in San Bernardino over Thanksgiving weekend, caused by an allegedly drunken driver, led to heartbreak for a local woman who is left to mourn her son and grandchildren.

The incident occurred just before midnight on Friday, November 27. A Bakersfield man 31 years of age left his mother’s apartment in San Bernardino around 11:30 a.m. to bring food to an uncle who lives a few miles away from his mother. He strapped his children into their car seats, gave his mother a long hug, and left.

Six minutes later, as he lawfully crossed through the intersection of Kendall and University Parkway in his Toyota Camry, the driver of a yellow Ford Mustang hurtled through the red light and smashed into the Camry at excessively high velocity. The man and his two youngest children, a boy two years of age and girl four years of age, were both killed in the accident. The man’s oldest son and oldest daughter suffered serious injuries but survived the incident. 

The driver of the Mustang, a man 23 years of age, now faces charges including driving under the influence (DUI) and gross vehicular manslaughter. 

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