Testimony in Coronado Bridge Crash Released

Last year, we talked about a horrific crash that happened in San Diego. A driver plunged off the Coronado bridge and fell into a crowd in a park below. Four people were killed in the crash.

The driver in that case is undergoing trial. NBC Los Angeles has reported on some of the details the investigators uncovered.

The CHP investigator says that the truck was moving at an estimated 63 MPH before the crash and that the airbag system had deployed prior to busting through the final barricade. However, the vehicle was also slipping to the side at the time and the actual speed of the crash may have been much higher. The officer believes that the driver only tried to brake a second before the incident happened.

Prosecutors say that a blood draw at the hospital showed a BAC of 0.08. They also say that he was distracted by texting at the time of the incident. However, his defense attorney says that breath tests taken at the time of the crash showed that his client wasn’t intoxicated and that he didn’t take out his cell phone out until after the crash to call for help.

The defense attorney believes that another vehicle forced his client’s off the road and into the crowd. Testimony is continuing. A judge will make the final determination to go to trial.

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