Suspected DUI Driver Hits Three Cars and a Home

A DUI in California can do much more than leave you in jail or without a license. It can cost you big time – right in the wallet. You will have fines, DUI classes, the cost of the lawyer, and this doesn’t even count the time away from work dealing with your legal issues. You may also be held personally responsible for property damage you cause while driving under the influence.

As CBS Los Angeles reports, one driver hit several cars before plowing into a home in what is suspected as a drunk driving incident in Baldwin Park. A neighbor reported that the car was traveling at about 70 mph before it struck the three cars and ended up blowing out the screen from the window.

The truck that caused the crash destroyed the wall of a converted garage. Though several people were at home at the time, all appeared to have suffered no injuries.

Witnesses to the crash were able to grab the driver and hold him until police arrived. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was cooperative with the authorities.

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