Suspected DUI Driver Crashes through Library Wall in Downey

It’s good to go to the library, but not like this. Police in Downey have arrested an alleged DUI suspect after he backed his car up into the library and crashed through the wall.

The man was just released from custody. He was being held for a traffic warrant. After his release, according to police, he backed into the library in the early morning hours. He was arrested the next day and charged with suspected DUI.

This wasn’t a light tap either. Books and shelves were scattered all over the floor in the images taken by NBC Los Angeles.

Thankfully, no one was in the library at the time. The driver was also uninjured.

Anytime someone crashes in an unusual way, the police are going to suspect that the driver was intoxicated. Freak accidents do happen though. What if, in this case, there was a mechanical problem with the transmission that caused the car to jerk into the building? Issues like these can be raised by your defense lawyer to challenge the story of the state.

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