Suspected DUI Crash in Madera County

Hospital bed

A DUI accident is always a tragedy. They often involve injuries and sometimes, the deaths of people involved in them. Many times, it is not immediately known if a driver was actually driving while under the influence.

A Wednesday night crash in Madera, California has claimed the lives of two men and left a third critically injured.

Twenty three year old Derek Sharp and his friend Travis Adams were in a car traveling along a rural Madera road when another vehicle crashed into their car head on. Flowers and candles mark the spot along highway 145 just east of road 29 where the accident took place.

Based on witness statements, it is believed that a Ford Escape crossed the center line and crashed into the GMC Jimmy being driven by Derek Sharp. The Ford Escape was being driven by Angel Armando Ramirez Balbuena, who was also killed in the accident.

Authorities believe that Balbuena may have been drinking prior to the accident. Greg Rodriguez of the California Highway Patrol commented, “I believe there’s beer cans, or beer bottles, in the back seat that were located on arrival.”

Family and friends stated that Sharp and Adams were headed to Table Mountain Casino. More friends were in a vehicle ahead of the two, but they were able to avoid the crash.

Authorities will be interviewing friends and family of Balbuena, hoping to discover his whereabouts in the hours before the deadly collision. His blood-alcohol content was not released.

The family of Adams continue to keep a vigil at his hospital bedside, hoping that he will pull through. He suffered critical injuries in the crash.

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