Survivor Winner Requires Narcan After DUI Crash

Naloxene, typically referred to under the brand name of Narcan, is a prescription treatment administered to people who have overdosed on opioids. It can be administered by either injection or more recently, a nasal spray. When many people think of driving under the influence, they might associate it most often with alcohol. However, most states include driving under the influence of drugs, including prescription medication, as DUI. WHIO TV 7 reports on a former Survivor winner who was revived with Narcan while passed out behind the wheel of her car.

In 2003 Jenna Morasca won the $1 million dollar prize offered up on the hit television reality game show “Survivor.” She then went on to appear on a number of reality shows such as “Dinner: Impossible,” “Celebrity Apprentice,” “Fear Factor,” and “Paranormal Project,” and most recently, “The Amazing Race.” She has also been a wrestler for “Total Nonstop Action” wrestling.

More recently, police received a 911 call about a driver who had passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle at a stop sign.

The South Strabane Township police report said that Morasca was unconscious behind the wheel and the vehicle was still running. The license plate read “the Amazon.” Police caught a woman in the passenger seat who was attempting to hide a bag with syringes in her purse.

Morasca was revived with Narcan and became combative. Paramedics who administered the overdose drug said that she fought and tried to bite them. Inside the ambulance, she bit a police officer on the arm.

Morasca was taken to a Washington, Pennsylvania hospital and later taken by medical helicopter to a hospital in Pittsburgh.

She will receive her charges via postal mail.


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