Stolen Car Case Sends Six to the Hospital

NBC 4 reported on a story in Fontana that sent at least six people to the hospital and made the responsible driver get arrested for suspected DUI. Here’s what we know.

Around 1:30 AM, the police tried to pull over a car for suspected DUI. The car tried to speed off, but then hit three cars and a pole. Another car got tangled up in the crash as well from the impact. The crash happened at Cherry Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.

None of the injuries were serious, but they were enough to send people to the hospital. Police have since charged the responsible driver with evading a police officer and driving a stolen vehicle.

In this case, the actions of the driver extend far beyond DUI. It’s much easier to defend against a simple DUI charge than compounding it with additional charges by fleeing from officers. The stolen car in this case doesn’t help matters either.

If you are pulled over, tested for DUI, and you get arrested as a result, your best move is to call a DUI attorney immediately. Refusing a DUI test will get you arrested and may make the court look unfavorably upon you. For more information about how to handle DUI stops or what to do after a DUI arrest, call us. We can help you in court.


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