Speeding And DUI Don’t Mix

In California, there are many things that can be charged along with a driving under the influence charge that enhance the DUI charge. The enhancements generally apply to sentencing, increasing the amount of jail time for example. One example of such an enhancement is the excessive speed and reckless driving enhancement. If a driver is found guilty of DUI and the enhanced charges of excessive speed and reckless driving, they face a minimum of an additional 60 days onto their DUI sentence and must attend California DUI school. NBC Los Angeles reports on a suspected DUI accident where neighbors say excessive speed was involved.

Aaron Flores, 21, of La Habra was arrested on charges of DUI according to the California Highway Patrol.

He was driving a 2017 Ford Focus on Lambert Road in Whittier, which neighbors said sounded like it was speeding.

The crash was so violent that it struck a home, power, and light poles before overturning near a rock wall. One neighbor, identified as David Falcon, said that the burning engine was thrown from the car in the crash, landing in the yard of homeowner Carol Jaramillo.

Jaramillo was further angered when a tire from the Focus landed in her daughter’s bedroom. A hole was left in the side of the home from the accident.

Flores was taken to the hospital with injuries, but the extent of his injuries was not immediately clear. He was also arrested on charges of DUI.

Jaramillo said that speeding was a common occurrence down Lambert Road: “This street is like a freeway, nobody cares.”

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