Someone Else Learns Not To Flee DUI Stops

Fleeing from police is never the best thing to do, no matter the circumstances. What might have just been a simple traffic violation or even a misdemeanor DUI charge can compound into a felony which can include thousands of dollars in fines and jail time. It is better to pull over right away and be as compliant and follow any orders that the police give you. Fleeing not only puts yourself and the officers pursuing you in danger, innocent bystanders may be hurt as well. This is another way that the charges a person faces can be compounded. ABC 7 reports on a bizarre police chase in Los Angeles.

The police chase began at around 10:20 pm on Thursday, February 15th. Authorities began chasing a black SUV down the southbound 101 freeway.

As the suspect attempted to exit to surface streets, they caused a multi-car collision when the suspect vehicle crashed into the back of another car and propelled that car into the back of a third vehicle.

After exiting on Alvarado Street, the suspect pulled over near Echo Park and appeared to stop. Police exited their vehicle with service weapons drawn. The suspect threw a baggie from the car and then sped away.

The suspect then got back onto the Southbound 101 and began weaving in and out of traffic, at times going faster than 80 mph.

After exiting onto surface streets once more, the driver stopped for police again but only to flee once more. They continued onto the 10 Freeway before exiting once more onto surface streets.

Another accident occurred where the suspect T-boned another vehicle where the bumper of the SUV began to come off.

Eventually, the suspect became stuck in a cul-de-sac in Boyle Heights. Police blocked off any further attempts to flee. Despite the suspect attempting to push a police vehicle out of the way, police were able to taser the suspect.

The female suspect continued to fight as officers took her into custody.

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