Rams Player Suspended For Two Games For DUI

Getting into a DUI accident isn’t just a legal threat. It can also threaten your employment. People in high-status positions can lose a lot of reputation if they are charged with DUI. CBS Los Angeles has an example.

Troy Hill, a cornerback for the Rams, has been handed a two-game suspension from the NFL for a DUI incident that happened last year. The incident happened in Encino when he crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer. His sentence was three years of probation, a $390 fine, community service and attendance in a substance abuse program.

The game suspension was due to the current NFL substance abuse policy. Hill will still be eligible to practice and perform in pre-season games but will sit out the first two season games. This not only damages the team’s chances but will also reduce Hill’s salary. The amount could be quite significant because of the high average salaries of NFL players.

If you are in a high-status position, you need to protect yourself. Never get into a situation where you could be accused of DUI. But if you do choose to drink and still get caught in a compromising situation, you need to hire an experienced lawyer to come to your defense.

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