Prosecutors Debate Charges in Fatal DUI Case

Today has been a quiet day for DUI in Los Angeles, so we turn north near San Francisco to San Ramon where CHP has completed an investigation. A crash that killed a toddler on I-680 is now under consideration for charges. The prosecution will know within a week or two whether or not they want to move forward in the case.

The case stems from an incident that happened in September. A car was parked on the shoulder of I-680 near Boliinger Canyon Road. Another car slammed into the back of it. A toddler in the back was killed and the mother was severely injured. Two other children in the car had minor injuries.

The driver was released on bail the next day and had no prior DUI convictions. However, prosecutors later found out that there was a DUI case pending for the driver. The driver was found guilty in that case and was sentenced. Now prosecutors will decide whether it is worth it to pursue this one as well.

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