Prison Sentence for 10th Time DUI Offender

Terrible life circumstances can cause people to turn to alcohol or other drugs. This is a dangerous road that can lead to DUI. It’s one thing to enjoy an occasional drink but drugs should never be used as a coping mechanism. A sad incident from the Orange County Register shows an example.

A man in Placentia has been arrested for the 10th time for DUI. He’s now pled guilty and will receive a four year prison sentence and heavy fines. He admitted to two felonies and three misdemeanors in this particular trial. He was arrested after crashing into an electrical box.

According to the probation officer, the man was a successful businessman, but his wife of 20 years had left him. To get over the divorce, he turned to drinking. That lead to the string of DUIs. During one of the DUIs, the officers found a bottle of GHB. GHB is rarely used in the treatment of alcoholism and it is a drug that you cannot drive on.

The man has denied using any other drugs to cope with what has happened. Now, he’ll have to sit sober in state prison to deal with his problems.

If you are having personal difficulties, alcohol is not the answer. Please, seek help if you’re in this situation. That said, if you are arrested for DUI and convicted it will be hard to seek help due to the burdens the legal system will place on you. If you are charged with DUI, call us immediately so we can work on defending you. We’re here to help.



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