Phlebotomist Testifies in DUI Case

Sometimes police don’t do a breath test at the scene. They’ll bring a suspect to the station and call in a phlebotomist to do a blood test right there. This happened recently in a case according to the Visalia Times-Delta that may have nabbed an alleged drunk driver.

The phlebotomist said that the BAC of the suspect was 0.21. He also knew it was an important case because of what the police said happened. He took his time and stuck closely to procedures.

The suspect was accused of killing two people and injuring two more in a drunk driving crash. One of the injured individuals spent months in the hospital recovering.

The accused is facing 37-years to life if found guilty of all of the charges against her. The case is still in its preliminary stages. She has sought council and they have cross-examined the phlebotomist. It remains to be seen whether or not the attorney will be able to obtain a favorable result for his client.

If the accused didn’t hire a DUI lawyer, it would be very difficult to defend against these charges. Blood test evidence is hard to overturn. Also, when others are killed or injured in the crash the police take extra care when collecting evidence.

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