Newborn Photoshoot Brings Awareness To DUI Consequences

Channel 9 Fox News provided an update recently on a tragic DUI collision that occurred in August in Anaheim in which a pregnant young woman was killed by a driver accused of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

A photoshoot of the newborn baby has recently gone viral, raising awareness of the consequences of drunk driving. “She’s such a blessing and makes me forget all of the pain that I go through – the suffering and sadness,” remarked the newborn’s father as he held his daughter, delivered by emergency C-section after her mother’s death.

The original accident took place on August 11, when the baby’s parents were strolling along a street in Anaheim. A woman, 40 years of age, drove onto the sidewalk and hit the young while allegedly intoxicated. The victim was eight months pregnant at the time, 

The suspect has had multiple DUI charges and convictions in the past and was actually out on bail for a separate DUI incident at the time of the accident. She has been charged with murder, as is customary under California law when the suspect has multiple previous DUI convictions. The suspect has a bail set at three million dollars and a hearing set for December. 

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