Motorcycle Accident may have Involved Alcohol

Crashed motorcycle on the road

Unfortunately, many accidents are caused by or have alcohol as a contributing factor. When people drive under the influence, they put not only themselves, but others in danger. These people include pedestrians, other motorists, and fellow passengers.

In Long Beach, California, a 31-year-old motorcyclist was fatally injured in an accident last week. The accident also severely injured his passenger, who was 16. The accident occurred on the Spring Street on-ramp to the 405 freeway nonorthbound sometime around 10:30 pm.

The motorcyclist was riding his 2006 Suzuki GSX-R up the Spring Street on-ramp when his bike hit a curb. The force of the impact threw both So Sao, the driver, and his teenaged passenger off of the bike and into the roadway.

The bike, which continued to slide along the roadway, eventually caught fire and was completely engulfed in flames.

Both Sao and his passenger were wearing helmets and were transferred to Long Beach Memorial Hospital. His teenage passenger, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized with moderate injuries. Sao was pronounced dead at the hospital.

California Highway Patrol believes that alcohol may have been a factor contributing to the accident. The accident shut down three northbound lanes on the 405 Freeway for over an hour while authorities investigated.

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