Mom Allegedly Runs over Son while DUI

A mom wishing, perhaps, to scare her two sons into behaving found herself in more trouble than the lesson in discipline may have been worth.

46-year-old Glendale resident Sharla Joseph was arrested for driving under the influence on Saturday, September 17th. The arrest came in the parking lot of a store in the 1200 block of north Central Avenue in Glendale.

Joseph was with her sons, aged 5 and 7. Reportedly, she was arguing with the two children over behavioral issues as they walked to the car. Once at the vehicle, Joseph entered and told the two children she would be leaving them behind. She locked the children out.

As Joseph reversed out of the parking space, the two children clung to the passenger side door handles. As she began to drive forward, the 7-year-old boy fell to the ground and his leg was run over by the rear tire.

The 7-year-old was taken to Children’s Hospital. His injuries were not serious – he had pain and bruising to his leg. His brother was not injured.

Glendale police were able to obtain blood samples from Joseph. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed one count of felony DUI against Joseph. She is also charged with child endangerment.

Joseph was taken into custody with $200,000 bail. The children were released to members of the family.

The case has been referred to the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services.

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