Mission Viejo Man Broadsides Police Cruiser

If you think of embarrassing accidents, crashing into a police cruiser ranks pretty high up on the list. That’s what happened to a Mission Viejo Mesa man. To add to the damage, he was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Here’s what happened according to the Los Angeles Times.

Two Costa Mesa officers were driving down Del Mar Avenue and crossing the intersection at Newport Boulevard. A driver blew through the red light and crashed into the side of the vehicle. One officer was injured, but has been released from the hospital.

The elderly man who caused the accident was arrested for suspicion of DUI and held on $100,000 bond.

The police do not take well to any accident involving an officer. It is likely they will take extra care to discover whether this driver was intoxicated or not. Given his age, this could have been a simple and quite unfortunate incident. Elderly people can and do lose driving skill as they get older.

Public court records will eventually reveal the outcome of this case. But this man should get an experienced DUI lawyer on their side so they can fight the charge. DUI carries a lot of social stigma that no one wants to be stuck with.

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