Minor Injuries Seen After Crash Involving An Overturned Vehicle

California has several ways in which a person may be convicted of a DUI charge. The most common charges involve a blood-alcohol content that is over the legal limit. In California, the legal limit is typically .08% for all adults. For adults who have a CDL, the limit is .04% no matter what vehicle they are currently in at the time of the arrest. For those on probation for a previous DUI conviction, it is also .04%. Those under 21 years of age have a limit of .01%. A person may also be convicted of DUI if they are under the influence of illegal drugs, legal prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medication.

The Modesto Bee reports on a suspected DUI crash that injured eight people, including young children. The crash occurred Saturday afternoon southwest of Modesto. Two people were seriously injured, but most of the injuries were minor.

29-year-old Michel Medina was driving a 2008 Saturn Outlook west, approaching Vivian. 23-year-old Usbaldo Santos-Estrada was going north on Vivian in a 1994 Mazda B4000. He failed to come to complete stop at the stop sign.

The Mazda was overturned when it struck the side of the Saturn. The Saturn was forced off of the roadway and into metal fencing.

Medina was seriously injured and taken along with one of the children in the vehicle with her to Turlock’s Emanuel Medical Center. The other child in the vehicle with her was taken to the children’s hospital at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.  Santos-Estrada suffered from minor injuries. He was taken to Doctor’s Medical Center for treatment. He was also placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. In addition to the DUI charge, he was also charged with possession of an assault rifle and possessing or knowingly transporting a machine gun.

Four passengers in Santos-Estrada’s vehicle also suffered from injuries. 18-year-old Reyna Zamora suffered from serious injuries while the other three had minor injuries.


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