Marine Slain While Assisting DUI Accident

An alleged DUI driver has caused a chain reaction of events that has lead to the death of a Marine in Loma Linda. Here’s what we know.

A driver was going down I-10 just east of Mountain View Avenue after midnight. The driver changed lanes and ran into a commercial truck. The car flipped over and blocked traffic. The marine stopped his vehicle and got out to assist in the situation. Another car on the freeway saw the flipped vehicle too late and swerved out of the way, striking the Marine before he could move.

That driver stopped and called for medical assistance. Yet despite heroic efforts, the Marine died. The original driver was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Assisting people in accidents is always a risky activity. Mid-interstate accidents are among the most dangerous of all. This is why it is so important to move crashed vehicles to the shoulder if possible and to call the authorities so they can set up a road block. Nevertheless, the slain Marine was very brave to provide assistance.

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