Marine Charged with Murder in DUI Case

One of the things that a defense attorney can do on your behalf is to negotiate charges. If a prosecutor tries to place extremely strong charges on you, they can be challenged. Unfortunately, in today’s case, the judge agreed with the prosecutor.

A former US Marine will be charged with murder for his alleged role in the deaths of two students in San Diego. The marine was believed to be intoxicated at the time. Witnesses at the bar he was at say that he was warned repeatedly not to get behind the wheel and that he was escorted from the premises by security.

Officers say his BAC was 0.14 when the accident happened. He got onto State Route 163 going the wrong way and crashed head-on into another vehicle, killing two students inside. His hazard lights were on at the time.

Two weeks prior to the incident, he had taken a course on the dangers of drinking. This was one of the factors that lead to the judge ruling in favor of a  murder charge rather than a lesser one like vehicular homicide. The defense attorney said that just taking the course alone isn’t sufficient evidence for a murder charge. The judge agreed it was a borderline case, but in this instance, it was justified.

No defense attorney will be able to get a perfect result every time, but it is a much better option than going alone. Have you been charged with DUI in the Los Angeles area? Contact our offices immediately for a free consultation.


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