Marijuana DUI Bills Shelved

The consumption of alcohol and drugs can affect a person’s ability to drive.  Law enforcement officials state that marijuana is not immune to this fact.  However, bills in the California legislature about marijuana DUI have been shelved due to some believing there is not enough evidence to support impairment. This came after cannabis industry officials said that the legislature was not supported by science.

Assemblyman Evan Low’s (D-Campbell) measure that would have made it a crime for a person who has 5 nanograms or more of THC per milliliter in their blood to drive was sidelined.  Republican Senator Bob Huff’s measure to allow police to use swab tests to detect marijuana to strengthen DUI cases was also killed.

Huff supports that the bill is needed because of the legality of medical marijuana and a proposed bill legalizing recreational use.  Huff contended that the use of legal and illegal drugs while driving was rampant and this caused the number of fatalities to rise.

Amanda Reiman, a manager with the drug policy alliance, welcomed the shelving of the bills.  She stated: “California is wise to express a desire to better understand the relationship between cannabis use and impairment before passing laws that could unduly impact those in California most in need of cannabis to alleviate their suffering,” 

Reiman also noted that the proposed bill legalizing the recreational use of marijuana set aside funds to research how to detect marijuana impairment among drivers.

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