Man Confesses to Fatal DUI Wreck

Correspondents near the court

Being drunk loosens one’s inhibitions, or so they say. People might admit to things when they are drunk that they would never confess when sober. This includes admitting to having committed a DUI on the local news.

In Los Angeles, California, reporters gathered to run a story on a fatal accident. The unsuspecting reporter was not prepared for what happened next.

The incident occurred last Monday night, on the evening of February 22nd. The driver, known only as Jose, fled the scene, but returned and spoke with a news crew.

“We were drinking. Record it!” the suspect said to a Fox 11 TV news crew filming at the scene of the accident.

Jose told the reporter that after a night on the town, his cousin Juan started to drive. Juan then stopped in the middle of the freeway and demanded that Jose drive.

“He was drunk already, and I told him I couldn’t drive, so he made me drive,” Jose told the reporter as cameras rolled. “And he made me drive, and I told him I couldn’t drive.”

After taking the wheel, Jose lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a light pole. He left to get help and found authorities and news crews on the scene when he returned.

After confessing to the crime, Jose asked the reporter how his cousin Juan was doing. Unfortunately, police had to deliver the heartbreaking news that Juan had not survived the crash. Police conducted a field sobriety test on Jose. He was arrested.

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