Liquor Store Clerk Arrested For Selling Alcohol To Minors, Causing Fatal Crash

Most states have what are called dram shop liability laws. These laws cover the liability of a business or social host that provides alcohol to a person who then becomes intoxicated and hurts another person. In California, these laws are more strictly limited than in some other states. In California, a business or social host is only liable if they provide alcohol to an underage minor who then is involved in an accident that harms someone else. Aside from civil liability issues, it is a criminal charge to provide alcohol to a person whom the seller or provider should have known was underage. 

The Mercury News reports that a liquor store clerk has been arrested for allegedly selling alcohol to the minor accused in a deadly Halloween crash that killed three people. 

On Tuesday, December 17th, 56-year-old Amor Potestades Amacio was arrested by Long Beach detectives and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. 

Amacio is suspected of furnishing alcohol to 20-year-old Carlo Navarro while working at Green Diamond Liquor in Long Beach. 

Navarro was subsequently involved in a crash that killed 30-year-old Joseph Awaida, 32-year-old Raihan Dakhil, and 3-year-old Omar Awaida as they walked home on Halloween night. 

Navarro remains in jail with no bond on three charges of murder and three charges of gross vehicular manslaughter. 

Police opened an investigation to determine where Navarro had obtained the alcohol. That investigation led them to Green Diamond Liquor and Amacio. 

Amacio is facing charges of furnishing alcohol to an underage person among other charges. All charges are misdemeanors. 

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