LA County Sets Up DUI Checkpoint

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One of the keys to halting drunk driving is to try and stop it before the driver can become involved in an accident. Some police departments do this by setting up checkpoints, especially during times when drunken driving may be more prone to happening.

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Traffic Services Detail conducted a DUI/Drivers license checkpoint. The exact location of the checkpoint was undisclosed, however, it was set up somewhere in West Hollywood. The hours of the checkpoint were 7 pm to 4 am.

Statements released by the LASD advise that DUI checkpoints have been shown to have a deterring effect for those who might otherwise drive while under the influence. Research has shown that there is a reduction of approximately 20% in the number of DUI influenced crashes that occur when there are advertised checkpoints.

In the past 3 years in the area policed by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, there have been 33 fatalities, 897 accidents, and 1330 injuries. All of these have been related to DUI.

Authorities at these checkpoints will be looking for any signs of alcohol intoxication and checking to make sure that licenses are valid. Motorists who are driving sober and legally should not be halted for long. Other, specialized officers who are trained in spotting drug intoxication will also be on scene.

When it comes to drugs, statistics indicate that of drivers who are involved in fatal accidents, 30% have had at least one drug in their system. In fact, more drivers test positive for drugs that can impair driving than test positive for alcohol. Marijuana is the most common drug found in driver’s systems.

Those caught driving under the influence can face a DUI arrest, whose expenses for jail time, loss of license, DUI classes, fines, and fees can total over $10,000.

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