Injured After a River Crash, Woman Accused of DUI

Did you know that the police don’t have to run you through sobriety tests to arrest you for DUI? There is a charge that the police use, suspicion of drunk driving, when a crash has such unusual circumstances that they believe you must have been intoxicated to make those sorts of errors. It’s a risky charge because crazy crashes aren’t necessarily caused by DUI.

A La Puente woman has been charged with this crime after a crash into the San Gabriel River in Azusa. As far as we know, it was a single vehicle crash. The car had driven off of a bridge and fell upside down in the water.

The lucky woman was able to escape her submerging car and make it to shore where she called for help. A person at a nearby subdivision heard her cries and called police. She was taken to the hospital for moderate injuries. They also arrested her for suspicion of drunk driving, saying that intoxication and excessive speed may have been factors in the accident.

They have made their charge, now they have to prove it. A car slipping off the road and into a river, causing a near-drowning and injuries, would be enough to disoriented and scare anyone, as well as wreck their coordination. We hope that a blood draw at the hospital clears her of DUI. One is certain to happen since she is at the hospital.

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