Ignition Interlock Devices Continue to Gain Traction

Ignition Interlock Device in the car

 In California, state Senator Jerry Hill joined Mothers Against Drunk Driving board member Mary Klotzbach, and many others to promote a national safe driving campaign. The campaign, called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” is part of a nationwide effort to combat driving while intoxicated. The event took place on Treasure Island, where a M.A.D.D. report was released regarding interlock devices.

In the report, MADD stated that the interlocking devices that had been placed on the cars of DUI offenders had prevented more than a million instances of drunken driving within California alone.

The statistics are grim. Department of Motor Vehicle data indicates that in just the past 30 years, 50,000 people have died as a result of accidents where DUI was a factor. These accidents have injured more than one million people. Furthermore, at least 1/3 of DUI accidents are caused by repeat DUI offenders.

Right now, installing interlocking devices onto the cars of convicted DUI offenders is only an option and not a requirement for the state at large. However, four counties, including Los Angeles County, have begun a pilot program in which these devices are required to be installed once convicted of a DUI.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that in areas where the interlocking devices are required or at least highly incentivized, people convicted of multiple DUIs is reduced by 67%.

The cost of the devices themselves remains a major barrier into their installation becoming a requirement. While some assistance is available for low-income offenders, the cost to maintain the devices is about $3 per day. Advocates are quick to remind people that this is often much cheaper than impound fees or incarceration.

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