Homicide Charges Added to DUI Case

Stay in Jail after DUI

A DUI charge is a serious offense. These charges can intensify, particularly when there is an accident involved. Charges can become even more serious if injuries or fatalities result from that accident. This is something a Pennsylvania man is facing.

Scranton, Pennsylvania prosecutors have upped the charges a man is facing after a horrific wrong-way crash that occurred last month. Prosecutors have added five counts of homicide by vehicle while under the influence to the list of charges a man is facing.

Gennadiy Manannikov, 28, was arraigned February 18th and then returned to the Lackawanna County Jail where he was being held. Manannikov has been held since the crash occurred on January 23rd. The crash took place on Interstate 81.

Authorities allege that Manannikov was more than twice the legal limit for alcohol and was also under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash. Manannikov had driven the wrong way on Intertate 81 for about seven miles. Manannikov then crashed into another vehicle.

Four people in the vehicle that Manannikov hit were killed. A passenger in the car Manannikov was driving also lost his life.

Manannikov did have a defense attorney, but the attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

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