Hearing Progresses for Woman Accused of Killing 2 in DUI Crash

NBC 7 in San Diego reports a woman accused of hitting and killing a man and the daughter of his fiancé while under the influence of alcohol, last summer appeared at a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

Prosecutors allege that on June 22, 2022, Tiyeshe Baltys went out drinking with friends at Dave & Busters in Mission Valley. Pictures and video footage from the arcade and bar and testimony of one of the establishment’s bartenders were entered into evidence. 

The bartender told the court that on that night, Baltys and her friends told him they intended to take a rideshare home. Before this, the defendant had consumed between 6 to 8 alcoholic beverages.

A short time later, as a man and his fiancé’s 15-year-old daughter were walking home from a nearby convenience store on East Plaza Boulevard, they were both struck by Balty’s vehicle as they crossed the street.

Police responded to the scene of the deadly crash and arrested Baltys, who had been driving over the speed limit and was exhibiting signs of intoxication. A blood test indicated that Baltys had a blood alcohol content of .14 percent – almost twice the legal limit of .08 percent.

Court documents indicate that at the time of the crash, Baltys had just completed probation for a previous DUI charge in 2020.

Baltys has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges against her.

The hearing will reconvene on Friday, February 10, to determine whether the case will go to trial. 

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