Geyser Leads To DUI Suspect

Police officers use many techniques to find a suspected drunk driver. Erratic driving behavior is probably the most common method. But a crash in Placer County found a suspected DUI driver in a most unusual way. ABC 10 has the story.

Police saw the gusher from a distance and thought that a water main had broke. But when they arrived, they found that a car had hit the hydrant and drove off. Water was shooting up over 100 feet into the air causing a “spectacular show” according to the report.

While the water may have been appreciated on the 100+ degree day, it didn’t end so well for the driver. A witness to the incident pointed out where the driver had driven off after the crash. Police say that the man was out of his damaged car and acting intoxicated. He was arrested for DUI.

The incident may hold some amusement, but it’s no joke for the driver. The penalties for even the first conviction of DUI are more severe than most know. Probation is no fun and can last for several years. If you are arrested for DUI, you need a strong defense.

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