Felony DUI Charge In Motorcycle Crash

The Times-Standard reports on a man facing felony DUI charges in an accident that injured a motorcyclist.

A 24-year-old is facing charges of felony DUI as well as other charges for his role in a September 23rd crash that left a motorcyclist with major injuries.

Alexander Sarver of McKinleyville is suspected of being intoxicated after striking a Caltrans sign and an AT&T utility box near the junction of Highway 101 and state Route 299.

Sarver had already been reported by another motorist for suspected DUI as he drove westward in a northbound Highway 101 just before noon. Sarver’s white Subaru Forester was hit by an oncoming motorist in a t-bone collision.

The vehicle that hit Sarver then spun out, impacting a motorcycle driving northbound. The motorcyclist was ejected and suffered major injuries.

Sarver continued driving after the accident and did not stop until he powered over the median rail dividing Highway 101. Officers immediately placed Sarver under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

The motorcyclist’s injuries were serious, but not life-threatening.

Sarver is facing two counts of felony DUI.

Generally, a DUI charge in California is charged as a misdemeanor. However, there are ways that even a first time DUI can be charged as a felony. If a person is in an accident that causes serious injury or kills someone, then the DUI may be charged as a felony. This can be true for even first time DUIs. Another way that a DUI is almost automatically charged as a felony is if the suspect already has a previous conviction for felony DUI on their record. The final way that a DUI can be charged as a felony is that if the person has three previous DUI convictions – even if the previous charges are just misdemeanors.

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